Hand Embroiderer

Job Role Hand Embroiderer
Role Description To embroider decorative designs on fabric & other material by hand using needle & thread
NSQF level 4
Job Role Duration 3 Months
Minimum Educational Qualifications 5th standard, preferably
    Brief Job Description
  • A Hand Embroiderer embroiders decorative designs on fabric & other materials by hand, using needle & thread. 
  • The hand embroiderer uses a variety of sewing techniques to create different kinds of embroidery stitches & effects such as Cross stitch, French knot stitch, Bullion knot stitch, Shade work, Applique work, English Smocking etc.
  • The job requires the hand embroiderer to have the skills to stitch a variety of Flat stitches, Loop stitches and Knotted stitches.